UK Property Buying Process

How to buy a flat or house in the UK?

 Find properties

Determine the budget range, newly built or second-hand property, cash or mortgage, the right location, and also need to provide the name and current address, this will help to locate the research range.


Pay a deposit 

When do you pay the deposit? We will guide you through the processes, no worries! The buyer will need to pay a deposit with their personal credit card information to the seller once the offer is accepted.


2 Make an offer

Liu International UK Limited will assist our client with online or on-site viewing. The buyer can make an offer on a suitable property, proof of identification & proof of address will need to be provided.


Find a solicitor 

We can introduce law firms and solicitors to help buyer complete legal paper works and exchange of contract which will normally take place in 21 or 28 days (choosing the solicitor from the panel will speed up the process).


5 Submit materials 

Provide all the original materials required. For all requirements, please click the link below.

The materials needed


Normally will take place within 21 or 28 days from paying the deposit. Solicitors will exchange contract and 10% of the purchase price will need to be transferred to the buyer’s solicitor client account.

Exchange contract

& First payment

7 Loan & Evaluation

Apply for a mortgage 3-6 months before completion. The bank will required the buyer to show the property evaluation report ( normally new properties are simple with a relatively low evaluation cost).



Two weeks before completion, the seller’s solicitor will send a completion and final payment notice, the buyer will need to pay the remaining balance and stamp duty to the Law firm’s client account according to the guidelines.


Completion &

Final payment


Happens on the day of completion, appointment needs to be booked with the seller, the final stage of the process. Liu International UK Limited can provide furniture purchase& rental service, to help our buyers.


Key handover, and Congratulations

Apply for a mortgage
Stamp duty calculation

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