What documents do you need to prepare for a UK home purchase?

1. Proof of ID is POID: passport, driver's license, ID card, company business card.


2. Proof of Address is POA within 3 months, I .e. water, electricity and gas charges, bank bills.


3. Bank statement within 3 months (the same account that requires the down payment transfer, if the address in Article 2nd proves to be a bank statement, a different bank statement is required).


4. Certified copy of the lawyer's business card.


5. The English language on the certification states "original and true copy" to ensure the certification and the words "original and true copy" and dates.


6. Down payment funds bank statement/deposit certificate.


Note: The original documents of identity and address need to be certified by a British lawyer or a local lawyer (Beijing, Shanghai, etc.) where the buyer is located.

What materials do UK buyers need to prepare in advance? Passport, driving license, ID card, address proof within 3 months?

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