Snow Hill Wharf, Newtown, Birmingham


  • Outstanding transport connections
  • Sought-after central Birmingham location
  • Members club style facilities
  • Canal-side living in design-led apartments

Snow Hill Wharf offers high quality apartments to an area rich with heritage and craftsmanship within Birmingham. Ideal for those who enjoy the advantages of urban living, excellent transport connections, city centre amenities and a stunning canal side to the podium gardens.


The Midland Engine Strategy (Midland Engine Strategy) is the strategy of the British government to revitalize the central region. The plan is committed to building a brand in the central region, focusing on improving the five key areas of skills, innovation, transportation, industry and business financing; promoting economic growth, exports, and employment through measures such as increasing labor productivity, attracting investors and trading partners (planned to increase 300,000 jobs). And Birmingham, as a central city in central China, must have benefited a lot.



High Speed ​​2 is expected to be completed in 2028. Among them, Curzon Street Station (HS2), as a major transportation investment project, will become a major catalyst for the upgrading and reconstruction of Birmingham. After HS2 is completed, the travel time between London and Birmingham will be reduced from 1 hour and 24 minutes to only 49 minutes.



The development project is located on the edge of the canal in an excellent location. St Paul's Square (a landmark in the heart of Birmingham), City Hall, Snow Hill Station (Snow Hill Station) and the Colmore business district are all within walking distance. It is only a few minutes away from the project to the upcoming high-speed railway station (HS2) and the newly-built New Street Station and other major transportation hubs, which perfectly combines the tranquil life with the convenience of the city center.


Project highlights

Convenient transportation

Snow Hill Wharf is adjacent to several major transportation hubs in Birmingham. It is within walking distance to Birmingham Snow Hill Railway Station, Birmingham New Street Railway Station and the planned High Speed ​​Rail 2 (High Speed ​​Rail 2) in Birmingham. Terminal.
•Walking from Snow Hill Wharf:
Great Western Arcade (Great Western Arcade) 0.5 miles
Birmingham Snow Hill Station (train station) 0.6 miles
Birmingham Business District-0.5 miles
Tattu Restaurant and Bar (popular Chinese restaurant) 0.6 miles
Birmingham New Street Station (train station) 0.8 miles
• Self-driving car from Snow Hill Wharf:
Birmingham International Airport-9.5 miles



・From the Birmingham terminal of the future British High Speed ​​Rail Line 2:
London (London)-127 miles
Manchester Airport-78 miles
Manchester (Manchester)-87 miles
Sheffield (Sheffield) 91 miles
Leeds-119 miles



Educational Resources

There are 5 universities in Birmingham. There are three within 2.5 miles of Snow Hill Wharf: Birmingham City University
(Birmingham City University), Aston University
Studies) and University of Birmingham (University of Birmingham).
【the University】
Birmingham City University One 0.7 miles
Aston University-0.9 miles
University of Birmingham One 2.5 miles


Interior renovation

Delivery of fine decoration. The kitchen and bathroom are equipped with a full set of kitchen appliances and bathroom equipment, and the bedroom adopts floor-to-ceiling glass windows and carpets.



Project supporting facilities: Residents enjoy 24-hour concierge service, parking lot, residents-only gym, sauna, steam room, cinema and residents-only lounge. In addition, the project plans to have three beautiful landscape gardens and canal viewing lounges and other facilities and services.






Surrounding area

Birmingham is a vibrant city and has been rated as having the highest quality of life in the UK outside of London. Due to its location in the center of Birmingham city, from Michelin-star high-end restaurants to local restaurants and shopping malls, you can find them near the Snow Hill Wharf project and can be easily reached on foot.

Attractions and shopping
Cathedral Square 0.4 mi
Victoria Square 0.7 mi
Jewellery Quarter 0.4 miles
The Bullring (Bulling Shopping Center) 0.8 miles
The Mailbox (Mall)-1 mile


Payment method

1. The booking fee of £2,000 or £5,000 is based on the value of the apartment and must be paid at the time of booking.
2. 15% of the purchase price of the deposit shall be deducted when the contract is exchanged.
3. The other 5% of the advance payment needs to be paid 12 months after the exchange contract.
 4. The remaining 80% will be paid upon completion.

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