Vita Student Park Place,Cardiff


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[Basic Information]]


address: CF10 3DR

property Rights: 250

main area: 17-34 ㎡ (interior area)

decoration: hardcover delivery (with furniture, buyers do not need to purchase additional)

price: about 1.2 million ~ 1.88 million (RMB)

delivery time: expected third quarter of 2022


[Project Advantage]]


project 1 is located in the center of Cardiff. It is a 5-minute walk to Cardiff University, to Cardiff's core area, to Cardiff's city hall, museums, castles, shopping centers, etc. It is a 3-10 minute walk.

Cardiff has three universities with more than 43000 students, including more than 9300 international students. However, there are only more than 12000 student apartments available in schools and outside schools, and there are more than 25000 vacancies in the market, which is in short supply!

3 The down payment is 20%, the balance is paid when the house is delivered, and the cash flow occupied in the early stage is less.

4 The developer's own property management company is fully managed, chartered for 3 years, 6.5% the net rental rate of return per year (net of property fees, management fees and ground rent), the total purchase cost is low, and future resale can be entrusted to the developer, one-stop investment in the whole process, saving time, worry and effort!


[Household Map]]


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[Specific Unit Type & Project Public Area Effect Diagram]]


actual pictures of previous projects are for reference.


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