Victoria Residence,Manchester




[Basic Information]]

address: Great Jackson St, Manchester M15 4AX UK

floor height: 21 floors

number of Units: 188 Units

huxing: 1 bedroom -3 bedroom area: 57sq.m ~ 145sq.m, selling price GBP 266,700

999 of property rights

existing houses: they have already been handed over for rent. At present, there are 4 sets and 2 rooms,

government rent 0.1% house price

property management fee: 2.5/sqft ~ 2.75/sqft

10 years of building quality assurance


real photos:




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[Payment/Transaction Process]]

deposit 5000 pounds +495 admin fee admin fee (no refund or deduction)

pay the down payment 20% to the lawyer before the exchange contract (down payment within 28 days after the deposit is paid)

within 3 months of delivery, pay the 80% balance -5000 deposit.

Please communicate the loan in advance according to your personal situation, with a maximum loan of 65%.

The real estate certificate is generally obtained within 6-9 months after the house is handed over, depending on the speed of the lawyer.

Follow-up services for furniture purchase, entrusted leasing, management



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Address:3 More London Riverside, London, SE1 2RE

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