The amount and conditions of the loan?

The first: owner-occupied loans (Residential)

for owner-occupied loans, it mainly depends on:


• Annual household income

household income is mainly a measure of fixed income, with additional income such as bonuses, rents and investments. Generally, it can be loaned to annual income. Four to five times in.


● Ratio of loan to property value (LTV)

the bank will also impose certain restrictions on the ratio of loans to the value of the property, for overseas customers to own housing loans general loans and property prices. The maximum proportion of values is 80%.


The second type: investment loan (BUY TO LET)

for investment loans (Buy to Let) depends primarily on:


● Rental price and rental market

the rental price of the investment property and the rental market. When banks perform stress tests, they generally assume that the loan interest rate is 5-5.5%, the monthly rental income is required to be higher than the monthly repayment 25%-45%.


● Ratio of loan to property value (LTV)

for overseas customers to invest in mortgage loans, the ratio of general loans to property value is limited to 75%.


Above Source: English Loan Guide


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The first type: self-occupation loan (Residential)
For self-occupation loans, it mainly depends on:
Annual household income
Household income is mainly a measure of fixed income, with additional income such as bonuses, rents and investments. Generally, you can borrow four to five times your annual income.
Ratio of loan to property value (LTV)
Banks will also impose certain restrictions on the ratio of loans to property value, and the ratio of general loans to property value for overseas customers

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