Loan first or look at the house first?

Loan first!


Contact the loan bank or loan intermediary (Broker) to get the mortgage principle (that is, the bank based on the borrower's income/or. The amount of rent can be calculated to calculate how much money can be lent to you), documents including passport, address, at least 3 months of running water (employed), if it is self-employed to the company for 2-3 years of corporate bank flow and personal SA302, it may take some time to prepare these documents.


Otherwise, it is the saddest thing to find a favorite room and find that there is no loan. So it is recommended to arrange the loan first.

Loan first! Contact the loan bank or the loan intermediary (Broker) to get the mortgage principle (that is, the bank calculates how much money it can lend to you based on the borrower's income/or rent), documents including passport, address, at least 3 months of running water (employed), if it is self-employed, it needs 2-3 years of company bank running water and personal SA302, and it may take some time to prepare these documents.
Otherwise, it is the saddest thing to find a favorite room and f

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