The budget is relatively low, how to buy a good house?

No matter what the budget is, you will always buy the best room in the budget.


1. Many developers have "leak-picking" projects.

This can be known in the group, or add WeChat customer service: liuinternationalUK to consult the latest "missing" housing supply.


2. Choose a good house with a smaller apartment but a better location.

For example, choose one-room and two-room small apartments (some can change the hall plus door to one more room).


3. Buy second-hand uncompleted buildings.

Some homeowners may sell in a hurry, and at this time there will be second-hand uncompleted flats at a relatively low price.


4. Buy second-hand houses and do housing surveys.

You can also choose to buy a second-hand house, but there are many pits. It is suggested to do a house survey and consult the buyer's agent to help make a professional choice.

No matter what the budget is, you will always buy the best room in the budget.
1. Many developers have "leak-picking" projects.
This can be known in the group, or add WeChat customer service: liuinternationalUK to consult the latest "missing" housing supply.
2. Choose a good house with a smaller apartment but a better location.
For example, choose one-room and two-room small apartments (some can change the hall plus door to one more room).
3. Buy second-hand uncompleted buildings.
Some homeowner

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