What is uncompleted flower? Buy uncompleted flats? Second-hand uncompleted?

Uncompleted flats refers to properties that have not yet been completed and sold to the outside world, and auction house the meaning of is close.


Buy uncompleted flats refers to the purchase of undelivered properties abroad.


Fried property flowers it refers to the act of ordering one or more commercial houses with a small deposit and reselling them to others after obtaining the house subscription book. Speculation is a kind of name for buying and selling auction houses, and it is a common investment behavior.


Second-hand uncompleted flats it refers to the transfer of the uncompleted flats bought by the buyer to others, then the uncompleted flats are second-hand uncompleted flats, which are actually the uncompleted flats of the new house.

Uncompleted buildings refer to buildings that have not yet been completed and sold to the outside world, which is close to the meaning of off-plan housing.
Buying uncompleted buildings refers to buying buildings that have not yet been delivered abroad.
Speculation refers to the act of ordering one or more commercial houses with a small deposit and reselling them to others after obtaining the house subscription book. Speculation is a kind of name for buying and selling auction houses, and it is a

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