What are seller agents and buyer agents?

If you are buying a new house, there is generally no charge; If you are buying a second-hand house, the buyer's agent usually charges a 2% buyer's agent fee.

Plus VAT tax.


The UK market is very transparent and agents are only one party.



Seller agent


the seller's agent is an intermediary or agent who collects the seller's fees, so it is free to the buyer.


However, they will only have the housing they already have, and they will choose the housing that has less space and is not objective and comprehensive enough to see as many housing as possible. In addition, the seller is the customer of the seller's agent and helps the seller, then these seller's agents stand on the seller's position and help the seller to strive for the higher the better.


In addition, if buyers contact themselves, they need to contact many seller agents. Experts suggest that they can only find their favorite houses by looking at at least 20-50 units.


So, many buyers will choose the buyer's agent when choosing a second-hand house (for example, we Liu's International) in this way, it actually saves more money, and you can choose the house with the highest cost performance, which really saves money, saves trouble, avoids pits, and is professional.


Buyer agent


buyer agent work content: I will help with the whole process of house selection, on-site house inspection, bargain with the seller or seller's agent, assist in completing various procedures for house purchase, contact lawyers and accountants (usually with preferential fees), house inspection and house collection, etc, in the end, the whole process saves more than 2%, the key is to find a really good house.


There are many good houses that are off market. Buyer agents can find a lot of off market good houses, and save more time and money.

The UK market is very transparent and agents are only one party.
Seller agent
The seller's agent is an intermediary or agent who collects the seller's fees, so it is free to the buyer.
Buyer agent
The job content of the buyer's agent: he will help to select the house, look at the house on the spot, bargain with the seller or the seller's agent, assist in completing various procedures for buying the house, contact lawyers and accountants, etc. (usually with preferential fees), in the end, the who

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