Which London East/West/South/North is better? Rich area?

London is not only divided into east and west, but also divided into north and south. House prices are different.


Map of house prices in London, UK


the first picture below is a Chinese-English comparison of the 32 boroughs of London.


In the second picture below, the darker the color, the higher the house price. The deepest red representative the house price is more than 10,000 pounds (about 8.9 million yuan) the region.


(London house price map, please note that the darker the color, the higher the house price)


traditional meaning shangxi is a rich area..


For example:

westminster: £ 1.36 million on average

mayfair: £ 2.74 million on average

Kensington and Chelsea: £ 1.54 million on average


the most expensive thing in London is in (focus):


the east side of Knightsbridge

west of Buckingham Palace

south of Hyde Park

belgravia, north of Sloane Square: The average price is £ 3.35 million. There are not only countless embassies of various countries, but also the private houses of kings and royal families of various countries.


Relative to the west of London, house prices in the east of London are relatively low., such as Hackney, Newham, Barking, etc.


Relative to the north of London, prices south of London (south bank) are relatively low, such as ephant Castle, Lambeth, Wandsworth, Lewisham, Crydon, etc.


London is not only divided into east and west, but also divided into north and south. House prices are different.

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