The return on investment of a general house?

Many people care about rent and return on income, but in fact investment (self-occupation is also an investment ha).


The return on investment in houses in the Greater London area is usually4%.



However, a large part is the appreciation of house prices themselves. London's average growth in 20 years 518% 9% per year. As shown in the figure below, the growth trend is opposite to that of rents. The return on rents in the suburbs is higher than that in the city center, while house prices in the city center are growing rapidly. Which of the rents and house prices is rising faster?



2006 - 2019 London rents have increased 40%, house prices have increased by 98%, 245% of the rent increase (nearly 2.5 times)



for example, Oval Village, which is located in South second district of london, is close to king's college london (KCL) and South Bank Uni because of its good location, and is a top developer project in britain with good peripheral configuration, it has a gross yield of 4.3%.



As shown in the table above, in terms of LL large units, the weekly income is about 1250 pounds, and the monthly income is: 1250*52/12=5417, that is, the monthly rental income is about 5417 pounds.


Many people care about rent and return on income, but in fact investment (self-occupation is also an investment ha).
The return on investment in houses in Greater London is usually 4%.

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