What kind of room type is suitable for owner-occupied/investment?

What room is suitable for self-occupation


in addition to considering location and price, the most important thing is to meet the needs of living.


For example, the distance to work, transportation, house size, orientation, floors, surrounding environment and neighbors, nearby supermarkets, parks, and whether you like it or not, at the very least, go in and feel that you can live happily and comfortably (some friends also have requirements for feng shui).


Buyers with children at home will value whether there are good schools around them, and try not to have or have few government low-rent houses around their houses.



What room is suitable for rent


the difference between rental and owner-occupied is non-owner-occupied.

Need to Consider: Location and Price

don't think about it: don't add personal hobbies to it. Although we all want to buy good floors, the scenery is good and the apartment is large, but sometimes I forget that the purpose of renting a house is to rent + return.


For example, the price of the first floor is 500,000 pounds, usually the higher the more expensive, the total price of each floor increases by 5000 pounds, then the 20th floor may be 600,000, 20% higher. However, the rent will not be 20% higher.


Therefore, self-occupation is chosen with heart and rental housing is chosen with reason.

What room is suitable for self-occupation
In addition to considering location and price, the most important thing is to meet the needs of living.
What room is suitable for rent
The difference between rental and self-occupation is non-self-occupation.

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