What should I pay attention to when looking at a house?

Can be divided into existing houses and auction houses, pay attention to different points.


Existing room


considerations: surrounding environment, living crowd, square apartment type, scenery, privacy (e. G. Whether the window grilles and the opposite building see each other), noise (e. G. Whether there is noise on the nearby railway or subway).


Special reminder: the old house must be built survey, because if the renovation cost is likely to 10,000 to tens of thousands of pounds!



Auction house


it is also what we call uncompleted buildings. When the building has not been completed, we often see model rooms, which are designed by interior design companies with exquisite decoration and beautiful scenery.


But because the scenery of each house type of the auction house is invisible, it is difficult to distinguish the difference between projects if it is not a professional investor. This requires the help of a professional consultant/agency familiar with the project, including considering floors, orientations, scenery, etc.


You can also talk privately about Liu's international customer service consultation. I don't hesitate to share more than 20 years of British investment experience. Customer service micro signal: liuinternationalUK

Can be divided into existing houses and auction houses, pay attention to different points.
Existing room
Considerations: surrounding environment, living crowd, square apartment type, scenery, privacy (e. G. Whether the window grilles and the opposite building see each other), noise (e. G. Whether there is noise on the nearby railway or subway).
Auction house
It is also what we call uncompleted buildings. When the building has not been completed, we often see model rooms, which are designed by in

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