How to choose the school district room?

This question is quite big, we will specially issue a piece of dry goods to answer it.


For example, in London, there are several particularly good school districts with many high-scoring schools:


✔Richmond Richmon

✔Kingston Kingston


✔Fulham Fulham

✔Westminster Westminster

✔Barnett Barnet, for example, has Queen Elizabeth's School (QE Boy School for short is a boys' School)

✔Battersea, such as Thomas's London Day Schools that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are reading

In London, there are several particularly good school districts, all with many high-scoring schools:
Richmond Richmon
Kingston Kingston
Fulham Fulham
Westminster Westminster
Barnett Barnet, for example, has Queen Elizabeth's School (QE Boy School for short is a boys' School)
Battersea, such as Thomas's London Day Schools that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are reading

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