How to choose a region for buying a house in Britain?

According to the city center


the choice of region actually depends on personal needs.

If it is investment, there is an investment truth:

the more central the better, the faster the appreciation.


Take London as an example. According to the 20-year house price research data released by Savills (see figure below), the house price performance of the entire Greater London area in 20 years has the following points:


1. The closer to the center of London, the darker the color, that is, the faster the house price growth, the more value-added!

2. The closer you get to the Thames in London, the faster house prices will grow!



According to the latest information


in addition to the city center and the good school area, it is important to start work as soon as you have reliable information. Time and the latest information are also opportunities. Just like when the new news came out on the Elizabeth line, the average rent growth rate along the line was almost twice the average price increase in London since 2012!



Now the upcoming Crossrail 2 is bound to drive up house prices on nearby lines, especially in low-lying areas.



Hackney District (Hackney) 690% in 20 Years

Southwark District (Southwark) rose to 666% in 20 years

(See the two red areas with the highest increase in the 20-year map above)


according to the school district housing to choose


the competitiveness of British school district housing in the real estate market remains high, and the house price of school district housing is as much as £ 18,000 higher than the average house price in the UK.


The most common ones are: according to the city center; According to the latest investment information to choose; According to the school district housing to choose.

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